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Established   1998
Adrienne Neal – Pamina; Eric Gramatges – Tamino;Shannon Steed – Papageno;Cathy Carlin – Papagena;Malaika Alvaro – Queen of the Night; Daryl Ott – Sarastro; John White – Monostatos; Jennifer Hosmer – 1st Lady; Jeannie Carter – 2nd Lady; Maria Cantelli – 3rd Lady;Lee Folia Brunt – 1st Spirit; Lydia Pirilli - 2nd Spirit; Rose Marie Sims – 3rd Spirit; Men of ASBC* - Priests; &  The Aria Club Choristers
  The Magic Flute
                      Die Zauberflote By W.A. Mozart
             presented at Tifereth-Israel Synagogue in Wash., DC
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  The Magic Flute
Brought back by popular demand, was presented in July of 2011 after the 2010 concert opera  version received rave reviews.
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Tamino warns Papageno to be silent and resist temptation. Tamino wants to undergo the trials and gain Pamina. Papageno is fearful but would like a wife. The Three Ladies return to discourage the trials,to undermine the proceedings and tell them the Queen is nearby. Monostatos,unobserved, trys to steal a kiss from Pamina. The Queen shows up unexpectedly and catches him in the act. The Queen shoos him away.She is angry and has come to see Pamina with a dagger and a command for her to kill Sarastro.
Pamina would not think of killing Sarastro. Monostatos who was lurking nearby and overheard the queen,tries to blackmail Pamina about the queen's murder plot. He pretends
to lunge at Pamina with the dagger and Sarastro catches him. He assures Pamina that in that holy temple there is no revenge,only love,friendship,brotherly love, no hatred.
Tamino and Papageno are vowed to silence and are to refrain from eating. But,Papageno sings and complains of thirst and hunger. He breaks the vow and accepts water from a flirtatious old woman. He invites her to sit and chat,asks her age,and if she has a sweetheart. The old woman vanishes when he asks her name. Tamino warns him.
The three Spirits appear to guide Tamino through the rest of his journey and to admonish Papageno to be quiet. The Spirits return by Sarastro's order to return the magic flute and the magic bells. They tell Tamino that he will triumph and urge Papageno to be still, be silent, then they withdraw.
Pamina is sent as a temptation for Tamino to break his vow of silence.  When she arrives, neither Tamino or Papageno will speak. Tamino remains silent when Pamina appears, which breaks her heart since she cannot understand his reticence . She believes Tamino does not love her anymore. She  says this is worse than death.
Tamino is told that he has only two more trials to complete his initiation. Sarastro declares however, if he is to one day become a monarch, he must overcome the last trial. Sarastro calls for Pamina so that they can say farewell.  Pamina is then led away and Tamino withdraws with Sarastro.
In  Act I, Tamino, a Prince, is endeavoring to escape from a huge snake. He trips and falls unconscious. Hearing his cries for help, three Ladies-in-Waiting for the Queen of the Night appear and kill the snake with their spears. Quite unwillingly they leave the handsome youth. Tamino, on recovering consciousness, sees an odd-looking man covered with feathers. It is Papageno, a bird-catcher. He tells the astonished Tamino that he is in the realm of the Queen of the Night. Seeing the dead snake, he does not hesitate to boast that it was he who killed the monster.
For this lie he is immediately punished. The three Ladies reappear and put a padlock on his mouth. They give Tamino a miniature of a maiden, and this fills his heart with love. The Queen comes and tells Tamino that portrait is of her daughter, Pamina, who has been taken by the wicked sorcerer, Sarastro. She has chosen Tamino to rescue her, and as a reward, he will receive her hand in marriage.The queen disappears and the three Ladies-in-waiting return.They take the padlock off Papageno’s mouth, give Tamino the magic flute and Papageno magic bells. By the aid of these magical instruments,they will be able to escape the perils of their journey, on which they will be accompanied by three Spirits.
On the journey, Papageno becomes separated from Tamino and stumbles upon Sarastro's palace. He finds a Moor,Monastatos, pursuing Pamina with unwelcome attentions. Frightening the Moor, Papageno puts him to flight. Papageno recognizes Pamina as the daughter of the Queen and assures her of rescue by a Prince who has fallen in love  with her. Meanwhile.the Three Spirits guide Tamino to three temples.He is driven away from two, but at the third,a priest informs him that Sarastro is no tyrant, no wicked sorcerer as the Queen said, but a man of wisdom and noble character. Temple voices assure him that Pamina is still alive and he joyfully vows to rescue her.

Inspired by the priest and temple voices, he hastens forth and seeks to call his companion by playing on his flute. The Magic Flute attracts forest creatures who dance to his beautiful music. Meanwhile, Papageno and Pamina are escaping the palace and hear Tamino's flute. Papageno responds with his pan flute and they run to find Tamino. Their escape is thwarted by Monostatos and some slaves, who seize them. Monostatos proudly turns them in to Sarastro. Papageno and Pamino fear that there is no hope.Trumpet blasts announce the coming of Sarastro. Pamina explains to the High Priest that she was trying to escape the unwelcome attentions of Monostatos.
Renowned Baritone
  Bryan Jackson
Now, on the dark side….The Queen of the Night has promised Pamina to a second man..Monostatos! The Queen promised Pamina to Monostatos if he would help them invade the temple to kill Sarastro & the priests. However, they  fail to gain revenge on Sarastro. They and all their darkness  sink into the earth. Courage triumphs and virtue rises, darkness is banished and the young couple enter into the light of the Temple of the Sun. Pamina will become Tamino's wife. Tamino will become the high priest. Papagena also fares well, for he finally gets Papagena as his wife and they plan many children.
Papageno longs for a cuddly wife but settles for the old lady. When he promises to be faithful, she turns into a young Papagena, but disappears at the stern warning of a priest who declares Papagena is not yet worthy.
Meanwhile Papageno is very sad and believes he will never have his Papagena. He is saved from attempted suicide by the Spirits, who remind him that if he uses his magic bells he will find true happiness. When he does, Papagena appears and the two plan for the future,to move into a bird’s nest and have little birdies.
Pamina torn by sadness, strays into madness. She has taken the dagger her mother gave her and is contemplating suicide. The three spirits intervene. They are forbidden to tell her, but tell her anyway to save her life. They tell her that Tamino’s heart is hers alone and they will be together.
Just before Tamino faces his last initiation,Pamina arrives and wants to face the trials with him. So, with the assistance of his magic flute and his own purity of purpose, he finally overcomes the trials of fire and water in company with Pamina.

Monostatos also drags Tamino in, but instead of the reward he expects, he is granted a sound switching of seventy blows. Pamina and Tamino meet for the first time and embrace. By the command of Sarastro, Tamino and Pamina are brought into the Temple of Ordeals. Sarastro calls for veils to be placed upon their heads!
They must at first be purified!  Their escape is thwarted by Monostatos and some slaves, who seize them. Monostatos proudly turns them in to Sarastro. Papageno and Pamino fear that there is no hope.Trumpet blasts announce the coming of Sarastro. Pamina explains to the High Priest that she was trying to escape the unwelcome attentions of Monostatos.
Director Public Relations
Chinyere Hubbard
* Many Thanks to our friends, the men of
Alfred Street Baptist Church, who were priests in this production. We are grateful for your love of music and continuing cooperation and support.
  PHOTOGRAPHER -  Henry "Lookup" Thompson
Celebrated Pianist/Organist
   Everett P. Williams
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